Charles Lindbergh

The lasting fame of Charles A. Lindbergh stems from his success at being the first person to cross from New York to Paris non-stop in a solo ai...
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William Thomas

Maj. William Thomas, Jr. (1758-1813) was born to Major William Thomas, Sr. (1710-1895) and his wife Elizabeth (Reeves) Thomas (?-1808). Major William Thomas, Jr. served for a time as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Maryland Senate in Annapolis, Maryland. He cast the deciding vote on December 22, 1797 passing the resolution supported by George Washington (1732-1799): “That this state [Maryland] will loan, for the use of the city of Washington, the sum of $100,000….” He married Catherin Brooke Boarman (1760-1812) in 1782 in Charles County and had seven children: James Thomas (1785-1845), Matilda Thomas (1790-?), George Thomas (1791-1857), Dr. William Thomas (1793-1849), Maj. Richard Thomas (1797-1849), Anne Thomas (1798-?), and Catherine Thomas Merrick (1800-1850) married to William Duhurst Merrick (1793-1857). He died in 1813 and is buried in Deep Falls Cemetery in Chaptico, St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Their son James Thomas went on to serve as Governor of Maryland from 1833 to 1836.

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