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COVID-19 Resources – UPDATED 6/18/2020

This page serves as the record of the edicts, directives, and information of Most Worshipful Grand Master Richard P. Naegele concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Each of the following can be found on the Membership Manager, under Posts.

NOTE: All of the following are linked to the Membership Manager and may require you to sign in.

NOTE: This is not an all inclusive list.

June 15 – Lodge reopening date and guidelines letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele.
June 8 – Temporary Guidelines for Low-Vales as per M.W.G.M. Naegele.
June 8 – Letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele concerning Phase 1 Reopening.
June 4 – Letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele concerning web-based catechism proficiency.
April 20 – Extension of March 16th’s Edict of M.W.G.M. Naegele from May 1st to indefinitely.
April 10 – Edict of M.W.G.M. Naegele addressing guidelines for web-based Lodge meetings.
March 19 – Letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele concerning adjusted procedure for Lodge Audits.
March 19 – Letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele concerning procedure for Semi-Annual Returns during COVID-19.
March 16 – Edict of M.W.G.M. Naegele cancelling all Masonic Activities through May 1, 2020. (No longer in effect.)
March 13  – Letter from Executive Director of the Maryland Masonic Homes, Mrs. Tammie Houck, concerning the Homes’ policy with COVID-19 shared with permission by M.W.G.M. Naegele.
March 13 – Letter from M.W.G.M. Naegele concerning COVID-19.

For more information concerning COVID-19, please visit:

Coronavirus – Maryland Department of Health

Office of Governor Larry Hogan – Coronavirus

Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Coronavirus

World Heath Organization – COVID-19

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine – Coronavirus Resource Center